Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Mayor Takes Action - Conclusion

This inventory of my needs and wants in starting to update my house on a budget involved emotionally charged feelings and memories. Thanks for indulging my sharing. I will move on to lighter moments from now forward. Occasionally I may revisit my homemaking progress after this post.

Hopefully this process may be helpful to someone who is trying to make sense of a once shared space that must now serve the needs of one. Blessings on your journey that is not an easy one. Family and friends really do want to support you. Just let them know what you may need when they seem not to now what to offer.

Many Years of Roses to Remember

Home-Making Again: A Major Hurdle for Me:

Relying on the good resource references in my previous posts, I worked on what my decorating style was in my study, a room where I was content, a room that is cozy, welcoming, eclectic, and nature-inspired. What about this room makes me so happy?

1. The furniture placement is open and practical for the many uses of this room - writing, bill-paying, working on photos at the computer, reading, studying, and sewing. There is a stool to prop my feet while relaxing in a comfy chair, as well as another comfy chair when working at the computer desk. Family members have sat in the one chair many times while I stopped working in the computer chair to talk and laugh. The furniture welcomes despite being lined around the room as work stations.

2. Existing colors already represent all my favorite combinations from endless studies of color palettes and rooms on Pinterest, blogs, and magazines.


3. Patterns, Fabrics, Textures, and Finishes: Stained wood is everywhere in this house. I like its warmth and natural appearance. Since I do not want to overpower the room with wood, I like the grass cloth wallpaper, the bamboo shades, textured fabric on the computer chair, the small checked fabric on the reading chair, the glass-top table desk, along with a variety of metal finishes to offer contrast. All seem natural and offer a feeling of water, earth, and fire. I notice that my accent color here is yellow. I realize my favorite "punch" colors in other rooms of the house are rust and orange-reds. Golden accent colors for me are invigorating.

If you were to think of your perfect room, real or dream, what would you discover about your choices for furniture and furniture setup, colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, finishes, and accents?

Here are the little updates I made to this room as I began to experiment:

In my re-design journey, I want to relocate furniture and artwork to different rooms to create new interest. Here I added my vintage sewing machine to the study because I could use it as the base for my portable sewing machines. I have better light with this placement. and I can look out on the back garden. A glass table desk was here which I used for jewelry-making in the evening because the sunlight was too bright and reflective on the glass. So far, I do not want to get rid of the glass table desk so I have moved it to the corner for extra sewing surface space. I am not sure it is a perfect look; however, I get to keep its convenience for sewing.