Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Mayor Takes Action at Home

Why is this home-remaking an important part of the grief process for me? I am a homebody who was married to a homebody. I am not one who wants to stagnate in and repeat good times: those precious times can never be repeated. I want to savor the wonderful gifts of time and memory and know that extraordinary gifts graced my life for a short time. To be a whole person for my children and others, I have to be a part of the re-creating of a new

As I wrote in the previous post where I listed some good resource references, I took action on re-creating homemaking after about two years.  

1. I had completed the categorizing, rearranging, and purging (yes, the acronym is on purpose). Well, maybe completed for the time being - categorizing, rearranging, and purging need continually to be addressed.

2. Our shared home had been cozy, welcoming, electic, and nature-inspired. I just wanted to add more feminine touches that reflect more of my personality. For the most part, I wanted to keep the artwork, furniture, and vintage/antique collections. Again, I needed to add a more feminine touch without being glamorous, sumptious, and pastel. I appreciated comfortable, peaceful, natural, sturdy, all with a touch of serendipity: those words could describe me, too.

My mother's pillow was always in her chair at her home.
My daughter's cat is now always in my chair with that pillow.

3. From all my design clippings, notebooks, Feng Shui books, and Pinterest boards, I knew that what I wanted was already there in the house. Paint, DIY sewing, rearranging new vignettes, and rotating furniture and artwork locations were all I needed for me to be happy, busy, and creative. This plan would mean that house integrity was more important. The priority repair list became the following: water heater; exterior pressure-washing and painting; under-the-house moisture control; replacement of the rotted front door frame; repair of storm-damaged roof, gutters, and porch; removal of storm-damaged and fallen trees. Financial recovery and treasured plans of continued travel with my daughters would mean nothing but DIY for the interior for a long time. That was my practical choice, and I resolved to be happy with the decision. 

The tea set was from Horchow in the 1970s. Fabric boxes hold my sewing supplies.
The glass table allows for sew "overflow" and, when padded, as a cutting board.
The watercolor is by Sa Smith, the wife of my children's doctor when they were young.

4. As you know, showcase photos can cause much confusion (and even more frustration if you are on a tight budget). I thought about what room would be my dream room. That room would be my office, created from a small bedroom by my husband as a surprise while I was out-of-town for a weeklong training conference. He did a great job on the room and remembering all the items I had selected or daydreamed of having!

What makes it my favorite room and a perfect reflection of me?
  • Provides sanctuary for reading, writing, and study
  • Houses my smaller treasures from travel
  • Includes antiques and vintage treasures from family
  • Overlooks the beautiful back garden.
Optional Advantages:
  • Located in "Fame and Reputation" of the Bagua Map (rear middle of house)
  • Represents "fire", a fire sign. (also receives the most sun of all the house).

Provides sanctuary for reading, writing, and study

Includes antiques and vintage treasures from family

Houses my smaller treasures from travels

Overlooks the back garden and has the most sun of any room

In the next post, I will share how I took my dream room to help guide my vision for the rest of my home.