Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Purchasing Stamps for Projects?


Unless you are investing in creating a work of art or a commemorative piece, I would use cancelled stamps that you have collected over the years. Is that not possible? Here are examples of sources for purchasing cancelled stamps online:

Try Western New York Book Arts Collaborative at wnybac.etsy.com

For large amounts of stamps try stampsandmore.etsy.com. This site offers a large variety of quality vintage postage stamps, available in mixed lots or selected themes.


See how you can create a monochromatic look as in this mini art print in blues by Packandpost via society6.com? You could design personal stationery from a jpeg of your scanned creation.

If you wish to sell your work, then check about a country’s public domain for stamps at Stamps and the Public Domain.

In the next post I’ll share these tiny stamp houses being created.

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Tiny Stamp Houses, from heatherdonohue.wordpress.com