Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Nona, Don't Wear That!"

"... I don't like it. Wear your Nona clothes."

I have to admit that never have I had someone tell me so directly that I exhibit incorrect fashion. Leave it to a three-year-old grandson to set me to pondering.

What are "Nona clothes"?

He did not know me during these fun times.

In the fifties and sixties, I was to wear dresses in public - especially to school. In the seventies, pants were beginning to be proper work apparel. In the eighties, I loved my aerobic wear!

He did not know me during these maturing times.

Since I always enjoyed a relaxed, sporty look, I appreciated the fit and comfort of these fashions most of the time. They were also perfect for a mother of three. Now I am a grandmother. What has gone wrong with me as a fashionista?

First of all, I am not a fashionista! My mother was a masterful seamstress. She made the majority of my clothes for twenty years. She had a creative but conservative flair. She encouraged me to do the same.

I grew up knowing how to select really nice items for bargain prices. That was helpful when I first began teaching with a salary of $6500 annually.

According to my observations, I have always been: current, but not too trendy; thrifty, but not cheap; somewhat conservative, never flashy (except the 1980s, of course); sporty, but always with a feminine touch; comfortable, but not frumpy (except maybe at home after a long day); business casual, but very open to formality and also beach wear; comfortable in all-black or tropical brights; most happy with classic statement jewelry and my own fun creations.

I understand myself, yet I do not understand my three-year-old grandson's dislike for the above. What are "Nona clothes"? Let us observe:

Matching outfits while we play

Warm cuddly clothes before bedtime 

Comfortable clothes for the occasional scream-fest

Large sweater to cover little boys from Hollywild cows

Matching clothes for celebrating birthdays

I am going to do what every woman should do. 

Actually ask the man in your life what he means! Do not try to guess what he means! 

If he is brave (like all the ones whom I have known), he will tell you.